"Tracy trained our front office team how to increase revenue by more than 30% within three months months! The team loved the training and we all have a renewed energy in the office."
- Taylor Niggle, D.D.S.

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If you answered no, then you need our dental front office training. Once your award-winning coach observes the current systems in place, asks questions, and listens to your needs – they will customize a training program to meet the specific goals of the practice. Your coach will deliver hands-on training that ensures your team is able to master very specific skills that will increase revenue almost immediately.

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Our dental front office training will help your team maximize every opportunity to increase revenue for your practice.

Welcome to Front Office Coach where we provide dental front office training and practice management consulting. In today’s competitive market having a fully trained front office team is essential for the success of any practice. Front Office Coach provides dental front office training that implements systems and procedures to help build your practice and exceed your growth potential.

Dental front office teams are asked to wear many hats, and perform at high levels with minimal resources. This high wire juggling act is not always easy. Our comprehensive range of dental front office training courses are designed to fit the goals of your specific practice. Our dental front office training focuses on the successful implementation of systems in the following areas of the practice: New patient experience, telephone skills, treatment planning, case acceptance, insurance, collections, recare retention, and A/R management.

The first step is to call our office to schedule your free practice evaluation. During this time, your dedicated coach will listen to your needs and create a custom training package specifically designed for your office. Depending on your practice’s schedule, your training workshop can range from a one-day course to a flexible multi-day session. We also provide external training courses throughout the year in a large group seminar environment.


Dental Office Receptionist training.
Dental office Treatment Coordinator training.
Dental office Financial Coordinator training.
Dental Office Manager training.


If you want to run a great dental practice, you must become a great leader. Leadership can be learned and developed over time.

Successful practice leaders recruit, train, and lead productive, principled, and passionate teams.

Successful practices produce a profit.

If you own a dental practice you own a business. There is a profit and loss statement.
There is a bottom line.


“I was spending a lot of money on marketing but the phone calls weren’t converting to dollars until I hired Front Office Coach. Now, production has increased, the team is reinvigorated, and I can breathe again.”
Katie James, D.D.S.Haight Family Dentistry
"Tracy trained our front office team how to increase revenue by more than 30% within three months months! The team loved the training and we all have a renewed energy in the office."
Dr. Taylor Niggle, D.D.S.
“After working with Tracy, our patients could see her smile on the other end of the phone, she was able to manage all types of financial conversations, and she was a comforting friend to apprehensive patients.”
Dr. Bill Gerlach, D.D.S.Gerlach Willard Dental Associates
“After our 2 day training, my front office girls were more confident in their interactions with patients as well as their insurance knowledge. Since working with Front Office Coach, the A/R is at 98% and the front desk ladies are continuing to find ways to grow the practice. As Tracy says, it’s all about the systems!”
Dr. Rachel Azinge, D.D.S.Dental Spa of Texas

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Want to Help Your Team Maximize Every Opportunity to Increase Revenue for the practice? Call Front Office Coach Today!

Our training programs are customized to fit the specific needs of your practice. We listen, observe, and ask questions first. Then we put together a specific plan to ensure that your team masters the skills to begin increasing revenue almost immediately. Next, we deliver hands-on training at your practice, or in a dedicated workshop setting. Rest assured we will provide your dental front office team with an extraordinary learning experience.

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