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Dental Telephone Training

Dental Telephone TrainingDental telephone training is important for your front desk because it's one of the most important positions within any organization and providing customer service over the phone can be challenging. The front desk team's job is to design, implement, and maintain ongoing quality control for the first interactions your clients, customers, and patients have with your business. When does the first patient interaction occur? On the telephone!

Many companies are referring to their front desk staff as a Director of First Impressions. What if I told you that you already have this position on your payroll? You often mistake them for a “receptionist.” Whoever you have hired to answer your phone, greet clients when they arrive, and keeps an eye on your online presence… is unofficially your Director of First Impressions and learning professional telephone skills is essential to the job

Do you feel as if…

  • Phone calls aren’t being handled appropriately?
  • Revenue dollars are being lost due to lack of phone skills due to poor communication?
  • Trust and Relationships aren’t being formed on the initial contact with potential patients?
  • Callers don’t feel appreciated or heard?

If you said “YES” to any of these, then you need telephone training.

What is Dental Telephone Training?

Dental telephone training will help your team maximize their ability to turn every call into a positive outcome. This interactive 4-hour training will deliver an immediate impact on your front line.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Manage the call from beginning to end including professionally greeting the caller, building rapport during the call, expressing empathy when needed, showing appreciation to the patient for calling and ending the call in a professional manner.
  • Master basic telephone skills including how to answer the telephone professionally and enthusiastically, create an amazing first impression using our proven “5-point system” and how to appropriately use the customer's name during the call.
  • Attendees will learn the best way to place a customer on hold, transfer the caller to another person, deal with multiple callers and how to end the call in a positive manner and learn the art of creating trust over the telephone in an effort to maximize revenue.
  • Understand the importance of attitude and how to take messages and use voice mail.

What’s Different About Our Telephone Skills Training?

Our proven Dental Telephone Training program is simple, sticky, and sustainable. This means that it's easy to follow, easily implemented, and will have a lasting impact. While the 4-hour workshop is super fun and everyone has a great time, we are intentional about the telephone skills we teach.

How Do We Deliver Telephone Training?

We offer two telephone training delivery methods, On-Site and Virtual. Both options are 4-hours of interactive, role playing, educational, intentional training. While virtual is the most popular option, both are equally as effective.

Our on-site program is the perfect solution for large groups such as call centers, team seminars, or conference style meetings. The dental telephone training is presented by one of our highly-skilled coaches on-site at the location of your choice.

Our virtual telephone training program is delivered via a 4-hour Live Zoom Webinar. This is the perfect solution to teams that are spread around the World and would be difficult to gather in one meeting location.

Schedule Your Telephone Training for the Team Today!

For questions about our Professional Dental Telephone Training course send an email to us at FrontOfficeCoach@gmail.com. We are thrilled that you are ready to experience a dental telephone team transformation! Reach out to us as soon as possible as these training days fill fast. Look at our dental phone training video tips as well as others to help your practice.


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