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Front Office Coach Comes From an Enduring Culture of Award Winning Client Service Professionals

Front Office Coach knows there are multiple factors that contribute to the success of a dental practice. Employing competent highly-trained dental front office teams and carrying out effective dental marketing are two of the most important factors.  As a practice owner you need to ensure every patient that visits your practice has a wonderful experience, from their first interaction with the front office team to the treatment provided by the dentist.

Each day our team thinks about ways to create value for our dental front office training to help dentist practices achieve their full potential. With our intimate knowledge of how the dental front office works, we help our clients find missed opportunities to increase revenue and provide an amazing patient experience. Our values — respect, integrity, and dedication to excellence — are the ballast that grounds and guides our company’s efforts.

We have developed specific coaching methods for dental front office teams as a way of ensuring that dental practices receive the very best training in the industry by providing virtual and on-site dental training. Front Office Coach will empower front office dental team to successfully fulfill their roles as a revenue-producing dental front office team member within your dental practice.  Improving the performance of your staff will have a positive impact on your bottom line and make team engagement an important part of running your business.

How We Drive Success for Your Practice

Front office dental trainingFront Office Coach listens to our clients, which is the first key step in creating the an effective coaching program that meets the needs of your practice. Most dental consultants assume they know how to solve a client’s problem without listening to the issues and then they give a cookie cutter solution that doesn’t work for your unique dental practice. We listen carefully to hear our client’s goals and then provide results-driven training to your front office team to equip them with the skills to reach those goals.

Whether you’re a small growing practice, a well-established practice, or somewhere in between, Front Office Coach can help your practice thrive so you can focus on providing the best possible oral care to your patients. We coach teams how to fine-tune patient communication, streamline scheduling, increase collections, reduce A/R, convert more calls to new patients, increase patient case acceptance, and much more.

Front Office Coach was created with the goal of helping dental front office teams implement systems and procedures that have been proven to make front office dental teams work better and also maximize opportunities to increase revenue. We offer on-site dental front office training programs that focuses on skills that help attract new patients, increase case acceptance, and implement efficient systems.

If you feel your practice could benefit from our front office dental training programs, please get in touch with us at any time. We offer a free training consultation to ensure your business will receive the training that meet the needs of your practice.  Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the dental training we provide, so take the first steps towards building the dental practice you have always dreamed of by contacting us today.

Front Office Coach the leader in dental front office training by offering a comprehensive range of courses to fit the requirements and goals of your practice and increase revenue. Courses range from a one-day on-site dental training session for receptionists and treatment coordinators to multi-day in-practice front office dental training program for the entire team.


Front Office Coach Began as a Direct Result if Dentists Saying, “If Only I Had Someone to Properly Train My Front Office Dental Staff."

dental front office trainingAfter managing a business office for 11 years, I played with the idea of becoming a dental front office trainer but decided that was not how I wanted to begin Front Office Coach. I felt then, and still feel today, that to properly train someone in a position, I needed to have the kind of daily, real-world experience of managing the massive demands put specifically on the front desk.

I decided to focus strictly on the front desk role in an effort to “walk in the shoes” of each person I would come in contact with at Front Office Coach. I dedicated myself to making a training program that helps the front office team manage the many hats they wear, bridge communication gaps, and find areas to increase revenue. I'm a Professional Scrum master and a certified Dentrix trainer.

The front office team is essential to the success of any dental practice. Through our training programs, we can help your team navigate through the intangible customer service aspect of dentistry. An office owner spends, or should spend, at least 6% of total production on marketing. Marketing will make the phone ring but what happens when the calls come in but the person answering the call isn’t trained how to convert those calls into dollars? Dentists have a passion for dentistry, not business management. Our passion is helping dentists succeed.

I look forward to meeting you in person and as always, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, ideas, or to schedule a time for your free comprehensive dental practice analysis.

Cheers to your success,
Tracy Civick

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Front Office Dental Training Testimonials

"Tracy trained our dental front office team how to increase revenue by more than 30% within three months months! The team loved the training and we all have a renewed energy in the office."

- Dr. Taylor Niggle, D.D.S.

“I was spending a lot of money on marketing but the phone calls weren’t converting to dollars until I hired Front Office Coach. Now, production has increased, the front office dental team is reinvigorated, and I can breathe again.”

- Katie James, D.D.S.

“After working with Tracy, our patients could see her smile on the other end of the phone, she was able to manage all types of financial conversations, and she was a comforting friend to apprehensive patients.”

- Dr. Bill Gerlach, D.D.S.

“After our 2 day dental front office training, my front office girls were more confident in their interactions with patients as well as their insurance knowledge. Since working with Front Office Coach, the A/R is at 98% and the front desk ladies are continuing to find ways to grow the practice. As Tracy says, it’s all about the systems!”

- Dr. Rachel Azinge, D.D.S.


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