Dental Front Office Workshops


Dental Front Office Workshops

dental front office classes

Dental front office classes and workshops are needed to help keep teams knowledgeable of best practices so the team can perform at a high level with minimal resources which is not always easy.

Sometimes our clients only need help in one area of the practice such as telephone etiquette, case acceptance, or A/R management.  In this situation, it doesn’t make sense for the practice to bring in a total practice management consultant.  That’s why Front Office Coach offers individual dental front office classes.  We deliver our dental front office workshops two ways, in-office training or virtual training. Each method is equally effective.

In-Person Dental Front Office Workshops

In-person dental front office training allows direct one-on-one participation between the instructor and training attendees. With our in-person training, your dedicated Front Office Coach will deliver the program on-site at your practice or desired location. We do ask that the training participants are not interrupted during the session.

All in-person dental front office classes are interactive with role playing, games, and end of session quizzes. Participants will also learn how to implement the learned skills in a live environment via our proven implementation plan.

Choose In-Person Training if:

  • All your team members are in one location.
  • You are able to offer a private, uninterrupted environment in your practice during the dental front office workshops.
  • You are not equipped with a computer/webcam for each attendee.
  • You are interested in a few added incentive training options such as games, prizes, and a more in-depth exploration of current systems.

Virtual Dental Front Office Classes

This option allows the participants to join the dental front office classes from the comfort of their choice. We offer virtual training dental front office workshops 7 days a week. With Zoom Live Meetings, the practice doesn’t need to block off 4 hours of non-production. Front Office Coaches virtual live workshops can be held in the evening or on weekends and attendees can participate from the comfort of their home.

All Zoom Live Meetings are interactive with video, role playing, whiteboards, interaction with each other and the trainer, and the after-training implementation guide discussion.

Choose Virtual Front Office Training Workshops When:

  • Team members are in multiple locations and aren’t able to come together for an in-person training.
  • You would like to have the training done after office-hours or on the weekend and allow the attendees to join from the comfort of their own home and computer.
  • You are working with a tight training budget. Zoom Live Meetings are ½ the cost of an in-person training.

View Our Dental Front Office Workshops Below

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Dental Front Office Classes / Workshops 

Understanding Insurance without Loosing Your Sanity!

4 hour training course
Understand how to interpret different insurance benefits
Properly calculate insurance estimates
Master the art of answering “Are you in my network?”
Overcome patient’s insurance objections
Learn how to verify benefits efficiently
Define the 4 key factors when calculating insurance estimates
Create an insurance calculation guide to ensure correct treatment estimates are being given to patients

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Create the Ultimate New Patient Experience

4 hour training course
Learn the skills necessary for the patient to stay, pay, and refer their friends
Create confidence and trust to ensure that the patient feel good about their decision to call us
Implement a very specific hand-off protocol
Learn the most effective new patient flow throughout the appointment
Answer the question, “How can the new patient experience continue after their appointment?”

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Master Telephone Etiquette

4 hour training course
Learn the skills needed to answer the phone in a welcoming manner
Maximize ability to turn every call into a positive outcome for the practice
Create an amazing first impression using the proven “5 point system”
Respond to different personality types in an appropriate manner using the DISC technique
Learn excellent telephone etiquette
Increase new patient call conversions
Master the art of creating trust over the telephone in an effort to maximize revenue

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Scheduling for Profitability and Clinical Ease

4 hour training course
Learn the art of scheduling
Maintain steady production
Meet the monthly practice goals
Learn to Schedule for Profitability and Clinical Ease
Implement protocol for recall appointments and scheduling outstanding treatment
Learn how to effectively handle emergency patients
Eliminate canceled or failed appointments

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Increase Case Acceptance Without Being Held Hostage by Objections

4 hour training course
Learn how to present treatment to patients that increases case acceptance
Learn the #1 factor for patient case acceptance
Create an “eye appealing” treatment plan
Master how to gain patient commitment to treatment
Recognize key buying signals
Overcome patient financial objections

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Critical Communications
(This Workshop Requires All Team Member Participation)

4 hour training course
Learn how to bridge in-office communication gaps
Ensure positive workplace relationships
Learn to create a positive environment and how it directly effects the success of the practice
Maximize morning huddles
Understand the importance of sincere recognition
Practice “20 ways to improve in-office communication when conflict comes”

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Complete New Hire Package

Identify Potential Candidates
Facilitate Pre-Screen Interview
Conduct Background Check
Perform All Reference Checks
Extend Official Offer

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