Training classWe provide a true implementation of systems to grow the practice

There is a better way to do what you are doing and there’s nothing like eye-to-eye interaction and in-depth exploration of what may need to improve. The difference between a “good” practice and a “great” practice is the implementation of these improvements. Our dental front office training will help your team learn the skills to make your practice great.

At Front Office Coach, our knowledgeable Coaches sincerely partner with you for a successful future.  Whether you’re at the top of your game or feeling a pinch, you can count on our expertise and unique approach to our dental front office training to take you to the next level of achievement.  We will come to your practice, get to know you, understand current systems, and provide in-office comprehensive and continuous coaching for a true implementation of systems to grow the practice.

If you want to ensure the best care for your patients, while also increasing your revenue, then the courses provided by Front Office Coach are the perfect fit for your practice. To find out more about our training and other ways we can help your business grow, get in touch with Front Office Coach today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Total Practice Management
    We provide a comprehensive diagnosis of your business and give actionable recommendations that will lead to increased profitability and decreased stress. We provide in-office training so you can learn how to implement systems that will lead to a more successful dental practice.
    • Consulting Services
    • Leadership Training
    • Patient Communication and Telephone Training
    • Administrator Training
    • Front Office Training
    • Audience Assessment
Comprehensive Front Office Evaluation
    With our intimate knowledge of how the dental front office works, our dental front office training helps our clients identify missed opportunities and increase revenue.
    Our dental front office training programs are customized to fit the specific needs of your practice. We listen to our clients, which is the first and most important step in creating the most effective coaching program to meet the needs of the practice. Most dental consultants assume they know how to solve a client’s problem without even listening to their issue and then provide a cookie cutter solution that doesn’t work for your dental practice. We listen carefully to hear our client’s goals and then provide a results-driven solution to execute a plan to reach those goals. Rest assured we will provide your team with an extraordinary learning experience.
    Front Office Coach is not a fit for every dental practice. We believe a relationship based practice is the most successful. We believe that while insurance is an important factor to consider, a dentist should not allow insurance to dictate patient care. Most of all, we believe that doing the right thing is always the right answer.
    As a practice owner, you have put so much more into being successful that most people know.  You put your heart and soul into the dental care you provide to patients and that is something that Front Office Coach understands.  That is why we work to tirelessly to help our clients take their practice to the next level.
Business Systems Analysis
    There is no doubt that every office is different and has it’s own personality, which includes a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses.  However, there are specific business systems that we see in every successful dental practice.  As a practice owner, you must be aware of these systems and how to improve their outcomes for your practice, your team, and your profitability.  Our dental front office training can help you create and implement these systems.
    The proper systems can help you keep a close eye on where you are excelling and where your business needs improvement.  At Front Office Coach, we will help you develop and fine-tune your business systems.  This will help you track the numbers you needs to know.
    • Do you track your practice numbers consistently?
    • Do you know what you need to watch and why?
    • Do you know the critical factors of the business of dentistry?
    • Do you need help developing necessary systems to implement an effective practice growth strategy?
Mission / Vision / Goals
    In order to take your practice to the next level, you must first decide what that means.  What do you want to accomplish with your dental practice?
    Vision and Mission are essential in building a successful business.  Practices that have clarity of purpose, put great systems in place to fulfill the vision and have a great team who are on board with the mission to run those systems thrive.  It can’t just be a plaque on the wall or tagline on your business card.
    Your mission statement answers the question “Why do we exist?” Your vision statement answers the question “What will the future look like as we fulfill our mission? What will be different?” While mission is about today, vision is about the future, what the dental practice will become.
    Mission can and should be written in a short, concise statement. It should pass the “T-shirt” test, meaning, it should be able to be printed on a t-shirt and still be readable. The vision needs to be more than a statement. It should be a description. This description may be a paragraph or a whole page. It should paint a picture of the future that will come to be as we carry out our mission.
    Once you set the mission / vision for the practice, it’s time to set goals.  We believe that goal setting is the foundation for fulfillment in your practice’s growth.  Your Front Office Coach will help you write out specific goals to help you reach your ultimate vision.  But that is only the beginning.  This session will empower you to move further outside your comfort zone as you reach for and attain those ambitious goals.
First Impressions
    There’s a lot to be said for first impressions. Scientists say they are made within the first three seconds of meeting someone. We form our initial opinion of just about everything — a new song, a new place, a new person — in those first three seconds, our senses working in harmony or disharmony.
    There are at least three important opportunities for you to make a good impression before you first meet your patient. Each has the power to affirm a patient’s hope that you offer the quality dental care he/she seeks or that you will make their encounter an unpleasant visit.
    • Do you maximize every interaction with both patients and teammates?
    • Do you monitor what you do, what you say, and how you act?
    In this session, your Coach will help the team fine-tune their behavior in order to improve the overall quality of every first impression they make.
Telephone Etiquette
    The telephone is the single most important marketing tool of your practice. Seven out of ten patients will make a decision about whether or not to proceed with making or keeping their appointment by the way they’re handled on the phone. Is this a system that needs attention in your practice?
    Whoever answers the phone in your practice IS the practice to the prospective caller. Arm your front desk team members with the tools necessary to help convert those calls into revenue dollars!
    There may be times that another team member answers the phone to help out. The entire team MUST be properly trained to handle patient calls. Whether the call is from a potential new patient or current patient, everyone in the practice should be able to appropriately answer questions such as, “Do you take my insurance?” – “I’d like to change my appointment.” – “Are you accepting new patients?” – and many, many more. Avoid your staff sounding like a robot on the phone and going down a list of information necessary for the benefit of the practice. This will instantly shift the focus of the call from the patient needs to the practice needs. Although this information is critical, it can be gathered after spending a few minutes connecting with that prospective patient.
    In this session, your team members will learn to master the 5-step process to conquer every call successfully.
    Scheduling in a dental practice is one of the biggest challenges the front desk team encounters. Effective scheduling involves more than placing names in appointment “slots” on the computer screen. Without careful guidelines, the schedule can become a nightmare. Inefficient scheduling can also create a divide between the front office dental team and clinical team.
    • Is your schedule controlling you instead of you controlling your schedule?
    • Is your schedule blocked to meet the productivity goals of the practice?
    • Are voids in your schedule causing excessive stress in the practice?
    • Is everyone on the same page about scheduling and their role in the scheduling process?
    We’ve estimated the lost revenue to a practice that has one opening in hygiene a day to be approximately $41,000 per year. If you add to that the estimated cost of one opening in the Doctor’s schedule per year, you could lose an additional $58,0000.
    There is a defined process to scheduling. This process takes into account patient flow, production numbers, and using the clinical team and Doctor in the most efficient way they can. This system should be priority in every practice.
    In this session, your Coach will train the staff to implement the 8-steps to the effective scheduling process.
New Patient Experience
    Making your New Patient Experience an unforgettable experience takes a comprehensive, detailed approach that cuts across every facet of your practice. Making sure each new patient is treated like a V.I.P. from the first point of contact to the last interaction at check-out can bring you phenomenal growth and satisfaction.
    New patients are what drives everything else in the practice. Filling the funnel with a steady stream of new patients will naturally provide more growth opportunity in every other area of the practice. At Front Office Coach, we want you to attract new patients and keep them in your practice family for a long time. Our Coaches are here to help make sure that happens. During your training session, your Coach will teach your dental team the necessary skills to create a five-star New Patient Experience, including:
    • Communication skills, incorporating the initial new patient phone call
    • How to create a phenomenal “Welcome Packet” that gets the information you need and promotes your practice.
    • The proper way to enroll your new patients
    • How to set up a process so that every patient is treated the same way, every time
    • Technical skills to enhance your case presentation and increase case acceptance
    • Each team member’s role in the New Patient Experience
    • So Much More!
Case Acceptance
    Through proper diagnosis and treatment planning, you can help give your patients what they desire in optimal dental care. That said, getting your patients to say yes to your treatment recommendations can be challenging and sometimes very frustrating. Our dental front office training will help you implement proven systems designed to increase case acceptance.
    Case presentation is a team effort, but does your team understand their role in reinforcing the Doctor’s treatment plan? If everyone works together, most practices can double production revenue from within. Most practices have more dentistry sitting in the patient file waiting to be done than they have ever provided.
    We will help you:
    • Focus your team on their individual roles in the case acceptance process
    • Learn how to make financial arrangements that will benefit both the patients and the practice
    • Train your team to create outstanding case presentation materials
    • Bring ease and efficiency to case presentations
    • Learn how to follow up on dentistry diagnosed but still unscheduled
    Unlike the clinical team that is guided in large part by a detailed daily schedule of patients, the business team works directly with those patients behind the scenes keeping the business of dentistry running smoothly. Our dental front office training will coach your team to implement these systems successfully.
    Just as it can be difficult for your hygienist to support the Doctor in diagnosing treatment when he/she doesn’t know your clinical philosophy, it can also be difficult for your front office team if your practice doesn’t have a clear collections policy. At Front Office Coach, we encourage you to have an Office Collection Policy so that your whole team is aware of how past due accounts should be handled. The policy should list all important aspects of the collections process including:
    • The practice’s collection philosophy
    • The different methods of payment that your practice accepts
    • A defined timeline for the different stages in the collections process
    • Who is allowed to make exceptions to the policy
    If you asked each of your team members these questions independently, would they know the answers? If not, it’s time to clarify your Office Collection Policy to ensure that you and your whole team are on the same page and share in a united front with patients. In this session of training, your Coach will teach you how to do just that.
Recare Retention
    Having an effective recall system in place is one of the primary concerns of running a profitable dental practice. Offices can implement a variety of recall systems however, any recall system only works as well as the team member responsible for it’s management.
    Most dental practices average between 60 to 70 percent hygiene recall rates, which is typically lower than most dentists assume because they don’t have a sufficient way to track their practice’s true recall numbers. Improving patient recall takes more than just having an efficient system that allows for improved scheduling, it requires staff to work at pre-appointing a patient’s next hygiene appointment.
    Recall and patient retention rates rank as some of the most beneficial systems a dental practice can implement in it’s operation. The key to running a successful recall program is to make the running of the program a routine task. It’s incredibly easy for patients to fall through scheduling cracks and for the resulting revenue of those patient visits to be lost. While most patients don’t bother to keep up with when to schedule their next continuing care appointment, almost all treatment results from recall appointments.
    Your Coach will teach your dental front office team how to implement the crucial components to ensure a solid recall system is in place.
Patient Referrals
    Ask yourself
    • Is your dental team creating a “referral worthy” experience for every patient, every time?
    • Is your new patient experience specifically designed to WOW the patient so much so that they talk about it with five other potential new patients?
    It sounds like a simple strategy – make each appointment so good that your patient’s can’t help but talk about it with their friends and co-workers. Asking for referrals by letting your existing patient base know you are accepting new patients is very important. Don’t assume that patients think to refer their dentist.
    A successful practice has a timeline system in place to ask and remind patients to refer other folks to the practice. Your Coach will teach your team how to create a system that makes it easy to actively ask for referrals and let them know you would love to have more patients just like them!
    There’s no better time than now to examine the state of your dental marketing plan. Marketing is what drives new patients and new patients are what drives everything else in the practice. Are you truly giving your practice the marketing attention it and care that it needs to make you practice productive?
    So often our Coaches hear the words, “nothing works in my community” or “I’ve tried everything”. These statements are false and we can help you create a plan that works. If you have been sidelined for any reason, you need to get back in the game. You need to realize that the most profitable thing you will every do is figure out how to effectively market you practice.
    The bottom line is that you must spend money to drive up new patients. We will help you take a close look at the results your current dental marketing is producing. If something’s profitable, scale it up and do more of it. Don’t repeat what’s not profitable.
    In this session, your Front Office Coach will help you create a system to track your marketing efforts and maximize your marketing dollars. Once you and your team master the art of effective dental marketing, you will be able to weather most other challenges in a practice.
Team Communication
    In order for you to have a successful dental practice, the team must be able to communicate effectively not only with patients but with each other. Learning effective communication skills can reduce the stress with a practice, keep the days running more smooth, and improve overall productivity.
    • Is there stress among your team members because of a lack in communication?
    • Do you have excessive team turnover?
    • Do you struggle in establishing relationships with your team members?
    • Are problems lingering throughout your practice’s systems because team members don’t fee comfortable confronting those problems?
    At Front Office Coach, we have designed a comprehensive communication system to encourage harmony within the practice. Your Coach will train your dental team on invaluable skills such as:
    • Active and passive listening
    • Positive disagreement
    • The advantages of constructive confrontation
    • Techniques for effective problem solving
    • Much More!
Coding Revisions
    The one thing that stays constant with dental industry and that is “change”. There is no exception to this rule when it comes to CDT codes. At Front Office Coach we keep up with the most current coding revisions in an effort to pass this information along to your dental front office team.
    For example, 2016 coding changes included:
    • 19 new codes
    • 8 deleted codes
    • 12 revised codes
    It is important to note that although dental payors must recognize all CDT codes, they are not required to provide reimbursement for them. Dental payors will deny claims that are using outdated CDT codes. This is a leading reason for denied or delayed claim processing.
Compliance Requirements
    Once a practice is well into a new year – and have had an opportunity to crunch the numbers regarding fee increases, put together production goals, and evaluate current systems – it is a good time to monitor compliance requirement issues. Our dental front office training will show your team how to monitor these practice areas and keep the office in compliance. Some of these compliance areas are:
    • OSHA
    • HIPAA
    • HR Process and Procedures
    • Patient Documentation
    • Equipment Logs
    • Safety Procedures
    • CPR Certification
    • Clinical Licenses
    • Doctor’s Credentials
    Our Coaches are well-versed on all areas pertaining to dental office compliance. We will help ensure that your team knows exactly what needs to be done to keep your office in good standing.

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