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78% of people say they've bailed on an appointment because of a poor phone experience. Developing great phone communication skills is essential to achieving great results.

Whomever answers the telephone has a huge responsibility. They set the stage for the practice’s reputation, the level of customer care they can expect to receive in-office, new patient conversions, lay the groundwork for case acceptance, and so much more.

Our team of highly-trained Call Coaches analyze and score incoming recorded calls based on the specific goals for your practice. Based on the call evaluation results, we create and deliver custom call coaching to the front office team each month to support and improve your team's performance. Throughout the entire program, you will have a unique dashboard which tracks incoming calls, call scores, coaching sessions, and your team's success results.

Why Choose Front Office Call Coach?

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We believe success is only achieved when true excellence is delivered. Genuine communication skills over the telephone create excellence. This excellence will result in an impactful first impression, new patient conversions, increase in positive reviews, current patient referrals, and unlimited practice growth.

The Call Coach training program was developed by a team of individuals who have been in the same position as those we coach. We understand the delicate balance between compassion and allowing patients to dictate the direction of the conversation. The patient experience is at the forefront of your success and it begins with the initial phone call.

Our program teaches team members how to take a proactive approach to their phone performance and focus on continuous improvement. We understand that every office has unique needs; therefore, our experts will create a custom coaching program designed to exceed your specific goals. Our coaches play a key role in our training platform. We do not use call recordings as an opportunities to scold an employee. Our coaches motivate team members to succeed. Our approach is focused on praise, correction, and development strategies. The benefits of call recording, call analyzing, and live monthly coaching sessions makes it the ideal solution to increase production and enhance the patient patient's phone experience.

With our subscription-based program, there is minimal time taken out of the office, no contracts, and no hidden fees. It’s simple. When you are ready to get started, let us know. We will reach out to you immediately and within a few days, you will be up and running. Our onboarding process is a breeze!


Our Philosophy

the call coachAt Front Office Call Coach, we don’t believe that scripting conversations is the best approach to make sure that every call is a success. Instead, we coach front office teams to develop genuine soft skills based on emotional intelligence—such as the ability to communicate, problem solve, and be flexible. Soft skills cover everything from empathy to active listening, good communication, leadership ability, and more. These skills are directly responsible for impacting your patient’s emotions, which are, in turn, responsible for whether a patient is happy with their call experience.

There’s a lot that goes into recognizing and understanding the impact of soft skills and emotional intelligence over the phone. It’s not an easy concept and every caller interaction has a different result. But by learning the value of these qualities, how to improve, and how to implement them properly, you can directly impact your office’s bottom line.

Answering the Phone is Pretty Simple, Right? Wrong! As one of the most common business tools, it’s often the one that’s taken for granted. That fact is only a small percentage of businesses actually train their staff to use the phone correctly. I’m not talking about holding the handset in a certain way or perfecting a dialing technique, I’m talking about the words and tone they use while on the phone.

Research shows that patients respond best when they have a strong emotional connection with the person on the other end of the phone. 86 percent of patients claim that a positive emotional connection on the initial call would make them more likely to schedule a new patient visit and KEEP the appointment. And, in a study of more than 900 patients, researchers found that dissatisfied patients are more likely to complain, switch offices, and talk about their unhappiness through negative online reviews.

One bad patient phone experience can represent thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s vital to deliver both functional and emotional outcomes if you want your patients to feel your patient-centered culture over the telephone. There are six key behaviors associated with high emotional intelligence over the phone. Each of these behaviors will help your front office teams provide an excellent patient call experience and can arm them with what they need to exceed patient’s expectations.

  1. Anticipate requests: Patients feel connected to team members who can recognize their needs and shorten the time to resolution.
  2. Deliver explanations and justifications: Providing facts, explanations, and justification helps a patient understand what to expect during their visit.
  3. Educate: Patients appreciate leaving a call with more knowledge than when they started.
  4. Provide emotional support: A little empathy can go a long way in developing a relationship with the patient.
  5. Offer personal information: Front office team members who include personal anecdotes where appropriate create an emotional connection.
  6. Be authentic and get off script: Call scripts don’t work well because they can hamper the ability to have a real conversation.

Never Stop Improving the Way Your Business Wins and Serves Patients

Does the person answering your phones have complete clarity? A confused mind always says, “No.” And, the confused team member’s mind takes no action and waits to be guided or worse… makes the wrong decision and runs in the wrong direction.

Who is answering your phones and representing your vision? Are their actions, decisions, and verbal skills swift and on-point? If the answer is NO, you as the leader must provide the proper training for your team to succeed!

Create Trust and Promote Positive Patient Engagements

The telephone is a critical element of the practice's success. Initial contact with your patients is most frequently made through a telephone call. Your patients (customers) are the reason your practice exists and the telephone is the main link to your patients. Your role in answering the phone is vital in satisfying customer needs and delivering the highest quality of care.

We are here to provide effective measurable and sustainable call coaching that covers a broad spectrum of teaching, mentoring, problem solving, planning, leadership, team-building and mastery of phone skills and knowledge.


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