Monthly Coaching Packages


What Will Monthly Coaching Packages Do For Me?

Monthly Coaching PackagesThe monthly coaching packages are designed to help you ascertain how to implement a comprehensive and sound dental practice plan for growth. Front Office Coach will help you understand your practice’s financial and patient care numbers, create and implement front office systems, and help build an office culture that enhances your business success.

We will assist you in uncovering what is preventing you from reaching your goals by helping you assess the practice's current state and put together a custom plan to accomplish the goals set forth by both the practice owner and consultant. Permanent change is a process. While you will see measurable results within the first month, please keep in mind that successful implementation will take time.

How to Start with Our Monthly Coaching Packages

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a time to gather facts. Because practice management is one of the most important aspects to your success, having a good coach who you are comfortable with is critical. During the initial consultation, our goal is to discover the current state of the practice, vision, goals, and expectations of a coaching program. The initial consultation is a 45-minute complimentary conversation with the practice owner, associate doctor, or office manager via phone or web conference.

Step 2: Practice assessment

Before we can truly put together a custom monthly coaching package for your practice, we first need to understand it. The assessment includes doctor interviews, team interviews, detailed practice questionnaires, business systems review, and key performance indicators analysis. This information will help our team direct resources to the areas of greatest need. The assessment report will address the training needed to fulfill the practice mission, vision, and goals.

Assessment Fee: $1,500 (will be returned as a credit towards the first month’s contract fee if scheduled within 3-months of the practice assessment).

Step 3: Choose your preferred package offering

Once the assessment is complete, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our coaches will create a unique growth plan customized for your specific practice needs. Together, we will decide which of our offerings are the best fit for your needs. Our current package options are listed on the following page as well as our individual training options. The contract term will range from 6-24 months depending on the the practices need

Virtual Package On-Site Success Package Premier Practice Package
Assessment Credit
Private Facebook Group Membership
Custom Front Office Team Coaching Plan Developed
A Team Approach to Advising and Training
Monthly Statistical Monitoring
Monthly Phone Support
Monthly Email Support
Virtual Monthly Action Plan Front Office Team Meetings
Weekly 45-minute Zoom Front Office Team Training Session
Leadership Training to Help Cultivate a High-Performing Team
Personality Assessments for Each Team Member
Full Library of all Front Office Coach Educational Materials
Quarterly 2-Day Visit to Your Practice
25% Reduction to All Front Office Coach Events / Seminars
Additional 1-hour Monthly Zoom WHOLE Team Training
Monthly Private 1-hour Coaching Call with Practice Owner
Build a Cohesive Team Culture that Thrives on Growth, Respect, and Trust
Clinical Time Management, Including Hygiene
Empower Hygienists to Pre-Diagnose and Warm Up Patients for the Doctor
Monthly Celebration Success Calls

Step 4: Let’s Get Started!

In an effort to ensure we are all moving in the same direction with your monthly coaching package, your coach will lead a mandatory one-hour session with your team. Once the growth plan is presented, we will discuss each team member’s role as well as how both accountability and success will be measured. It is very important that the team has a firm grasp of the goals for the practice.

If you have questions about our monthly coaching packages send an email to us at  We are thrilled that you are ready to experience a dental team transformation!  Reach out to us as soon as possible as these training days fill fast. Look at our dental phone training video tips as well as others to help your practice.


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