Front Office Coach Pricing

Dental Front Office Training Course Pricing

Dental front office teams are asked to wear many hats, and perform at high levels with minimal resources. This high wire juggling act is not always easy.  The goal during each training course is to teach the team how to master these skills in an effort to increase revenue, improve office procedures, and become more comfortable with their daily tasks.

In order to help you understand what your training needs actually are, we have established a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis. This allows us to establish existing protocols of your current dental front office systems.  Front Office Coach then provides the Training Needs Analysis summary and ratings with training recommendations for the front office staff.  Front Office Coach provides affordable custom dental front office training that can be mixed and matched to meet the unique needs of the practice.

Dental Office Training Courses

The Benefit Breakdown

$899up to 6 participants
$99 each additional participant
  • 3 1/2 hour training course
  • Understand how to interpret different insurance benefits
  • Properly calculate insurance estimates
  • Master the art of answering “Are you in my network?”
  • Overcome patient’s insurance objections
  • Learn how to verify benefits efficiently
  • Define the 4 key factors when calculating insurance estimates
  • Create an insurance calculation guide to ensure correct treatment estimates are being given to patients

The New Patient Experience

$899Up to 6 Participants
$99 for Each Additional Participant
  • 3 1/2 hour training course
  • Learn the skills necessary for the patient to stay, pay, and refer their friends
  • Create confidence and trust to ensure that the patient feel good about their decision to call us
  • Implement a very specific hand-off protocol
  • Learn the most effective new patient flow throughout the appointment
  • Answer the question, “How can the new patient experience continue after their appointment?”

Telephone Skills

$899Up to 6 participants
($99 for each additional participant)
  • 3 1/2 hour training course
  • Learn the skills needed to answer the phone in a welcoming manner
  • Maximize ability to turn every call into a positive outcome for the practice
  • Create an amazing first impression using the proven “5 point system”
  • Respond to different personality types in an appropriate manner using the DISC technique
  • Learn excellent telephone etiquette
  • Increase new patient call conversions
  • Master the art of creating trust over the telephone in an effort to maximize revenue

The Perfect Schedule

$899up to 6 participants
$99 for each additional participant
  • 3 1/2 hour training course
  • Learn the art of scheduling
  • Maintain steady production
  • Meet the monthly practice goals
  • Learn to Schedule for Profitability and Clinical Ease
  • Implement protocol for recall appointments and scheduling outstanding treatment
  • Learn how to effectively handle emergency patients
  • Eliminate canceled or failed appointments


$899up to 6 participants
$99 for each additional participant
  • 3 1/2 hour training course
  • Learn how to implement Standard Operating Procedures
  • Increase revenue and streamline daily tasks
  • Improve A/R procedures
  • Create Daily, Monthly, and Annual checklists
  • Track the 6 benchmark numbers that are crucial to the practice’s success
  • Implement a proven referral system
  • Maximize the patient check-out process

Critical Communication

$899up to 6 participants
$99 for each additional participant)
  • 3 1/2 hour training course
  • Learn how to bridge in-office communication gaps
  • Ensure positive workplace relationships
  • Learn to create a positive environment and how it directly effects the success of the practice
  • Maximize morning huddles
  • Understand the importance of sincere recognition
  • Practice “20 ways to improve in-office communication when conflict comes”

Increase Patient Case Acceptance

$899up to 6 participants
$99 for each additional participant
  • 3 1/2 hour training course
  • Learn how to present treatment to patients that increases case acceptance
  • Learn the #1 factor for patient case acceptance
  • Create an “eye appealing” treatment plan
  • Master how to gain patient commitment to treatment
  • Recognize key buying signals
  • Overcome patient financial objections


  • Monthly accountability
  • Mystery calls
  • Office visits
  • Practice success reports

Additional Services

$1200Per Day
existing clients only
  • Individual New Hire Training
  • (all training topics included)


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