The Secrets to Uncovering Unrecognized Revenue

The Secrets to Uncovering Unrecognized Revenue

Did you know that the #1 reason for unrecognized revenue in a dental practice happens at the front desk? Shocking, right? Even more shocking is that it isn’t the front office team’s fault. As a practice owner, it is your responsibility to provide dental front office training to your staff. So many times, a team member is hired and is immediately thrown into “on-the-job” training. Pretty soon, 3 months have passed, things seem to be going well but the “official” training never happens.

Uncovering Unrecognized Revenue

We all know that dental marketing is becoming mandatory to gain new patients, which results in significant revenue growth. That part is simple. The real question is “Is your front office team prepared for the phone to start ringing?” According to a recent study, the average conversion rate of a caller into a new patient is only 49%. Do you know your call conversion rate? Every practice depends on new patients and if you are losing them before they even book an appointment, you need to know that.

The most common questions a potential new patient ask:

  • Are you accepting new patients?
  • What are your fees?
  • Do you take my insurance?

Each of these questions are considered “buying signals”. The caller wants to make the appointment and is gathering information. Depending on how those questions are answered will decide whether they will follow through with the appointment.

Have you properly trained your staff to turn these questions into revenue for the practice? There are specific steps to turn these potential land-mines into a positive outcome.

Now that we’ve covered phone calls, let’s talk about other ways a practice may have unrecognized revenue at the front desk.

First, does your front office team understand the “business of dentistry”? Do they know how to properly answer questions and give options when presenting treatment?

Second, does the front office team check for unscheduled treatment on all recare appointments?

Next, when a recare patient is checking out at the front desk, does the team member mention any outstanding recare appointments for other family members?

Last, does your business team follow up on all unscheduled treatment 48 hours after it has been diagnosed?

These are just a few of many, many ways that your dental front office team can boost revenue for the practice by identifying uncovering unrecognized revenue.

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Tracy Civick is a nationally recognized speaker, coach, and author who focuses on motivating dental front office teams to grow practice revenue and get a better handle on the daily dental practice front office tasks.  Her memberships include The Academy of Dental Management Consultants and AADOM, Academy of Dental Office Managers.

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