Practice Owners invest a lot of time and money to attract new patients through effective dental marketing

Front Office Coach TeamOnce the potential patient calls, there are many missed steps to convert that call into production dollars. Is your team properly trained to grow your practice? If not, call to schedule your dental front office training today.

Our dental front office training programs are customized to fit the specific needs of your practice. We listen, observe, and ask questions first. Then we put together a very specific plan to ensure that your team masters the skills to begin increasing revenue almost immediately. Next, we deliver hands-on training at your practice, or in a dedicated workshop setting. Rest assured we will provide your dental front office team with an extraordinary learning experience.

Front Office Coach is not a fit for every dental practice. We believe a relationship based practice is the most successful. While insurance is an important factor to consider, we believe that a dentist should not allow insurance to dictate their patient’s care. Most of all, we believe that doing the right thing is always the right answer.

As a practice owner, you have put so much more into being successful than most people know. You put your heart and soul into the dental care you provide to patients and that is something that Front Office Coach understands. That is why we work to tirelessly to help our practice owners take their dental practice to the next level.

Ask yourself these questions, and answer honestly:

If you answered honestly, it is probably no. You were trained to provide amazing dental care to your patients. Dental school never prepared you to own a business. It is perfectly understandable to struggle in these areas of your practice. These are growing pains and they are good pains to have. But, now it is time to re-evaluate your daily structure and take the proper steps to continue the growth of your practice.

Want to Help Your Team Maximize Every Opportunity to Increase Revenue for the practice? Call Front Office Coach today!